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First Saudi Rider and The first Saudi female to represent the Kingdom in various sports and social fields , enjoyed coverage for many years ..

Covered by 53 TV channels including (Al Jazira, Arabia, LBC, Al Hurra, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, MBC, Rotana,

Al Hurra, American Post … to name few) and 140 magazines including (Saydaty, Laha, Rotana, Zahrat Al Khaleej, Heya … etc)
The first Arab equestrian to participate in tolerance racing 1996 in Jordan.
Bearer of the first Saudi female equestrian title, officially representing her country in international events ; Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain & UAE .. 2004
A study conducted by Forbes magazine classified her within the strongest 50 Arab business ladies in the Arab World - 2005 .
A study conducted by Arab News classified her as the most influential female personality in the Gulf 2006
Times Newspaper described her as Establishing Quality move in the Saudi history .. related to women.. 2005
Author and a poet . she had many published articles handling the social concerns and disusing unemployment, poverty and politics .. 1996
Third winner of His Majesty King of Bahrain Cub among six international champions .. 2008
Nominated for Gulf Athletes Figure .. 2006
Second winner of the Jordanian equestrian club race .. 1996
Third winner of Bahrain Union Cup .. 2004
Selected to deliver lecture in the first Arab Stallion Conference in Bahrain about the woman relationship with sport in Arab Countries in general , and equestrian field in particular. .. 2008
Seventh winner in the woman relationship with sports among 98 male and female equestrians around the world in the race of Shaikh Hamad Al Maktoum, UAE , Dubai
The first and only Saudi female selected to participate in a documentary equestrian film (Gift of the Desert) to be displayed in KSA museum in USA as a Saudi equestrian representing the Saudi sports that shall be translated to more than 20 languages .

Alia Achievements

أول فارسة سعودية محترفة

المركز  الثاني في مارثون نادي الريفي الأردني عام 1997

المركز الثالث في مارثون نادي الفروسية الأردني عام 1998

ميدالية أفضل جلسة فارس عام 98

مركز السادس عام 98 في مارثون نادي الفروسية الأردني

 مشاركة في سباق الشيخ حمدان بن مكتوم عام 2005 والمركز السابع للمرحلة الثالثة بين 96 مشارك

المشاركة الودية في سباق القدرة على كأس المغفور لها الشيخ فيصل بن حمد ال خليفه عام 2005 وقطع مسافة 105 كيلو من أصل 120 كيلو


المركز الرابع في مسابقة 120 كيلو في البحرين على

كأس نادي الاتحاد البحريني عام 2007



إنجازات الفارسة علياء

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